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Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Replacing Aluminum Wiring In New York

During the early 1960s and late into the 1970s, electrical contractors used aluminum wiring instead of copper. After the ’70s only copper wiring was used, but it was estimated that there were right around 2,000,000 with this type of setup. Aluminum was phased out because of all the risks that it poses. Aluminum wiring has been known to lead to electrical fires! This is something you can avid when you opt to have your wiring replaced by a professional electric company.

Serious Potential For Fire

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that there is a huge potential for fires with aluminum wiring. In fact, the likelihood of a fire with aluminum wiring is 40 to 50 times greater than that compared to copper.

Here’s what the spokesman for the Federal Consumer Safety Commission had to say, “This is an area we feel very strongly about. Aluminum wiring in a home poses a serious threat that could eventually lead to unwanted home fires. Unfortunately, there are still a number of homeowners who have aluminum wiring and haven’t yet opted to switch it out.”

Questions About Aluminum Wiring

What Makes Aluminum Wiring So Unsafe? Will I Need To Rewire My Entire Home? How To Proceed If I Currently Have Aluminum Wiring Installed?

What Makes Aluminum Wiring So Unsafe?

Aluminum wiring is dangerous where it makes a connection. Whether it be a splice or a connection to an outlet, it is the connection that poses the biggest threat. This is because the wire at the connection points will shrink and expand over time and when exposed to temperature change. This type of movement over a period of time can cause breaks in the circuit and lead to overheating, sparks, and fires.

Do I Have To Rewire My Entire Home?

Good news for all! There is a cheap and inexpensive way around this issue. All the wiring doesn’t have to be replaced. All that needs to be done is, adding copper connection points to the ends of the aluminum wiring. Where the wires connect to the outlets, switches, breakers, or splices, techs can add copper connection points. That being said, working with aluminum wiring and correcting this issue in a safe manner requires specialized knowledge. Specialized knowledge of a trained professional who is familiar with aluminum and copper wiring. Retrofits should only be performed by trained professionals who have extensive experience in this area.

How To Proceed If I Currently Have Aluminum Wiring?

If your home was built before the ’60s or ’70s, you may have aluminum wiring. In fact, there is a better chance than not. Any local professional electrician will probably more than glad to check for you if you are unsure. That being said, choosing a qualified and experienced electrician to check and rewire the home will be pertinent to avoiding any further safety potentials.


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