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Understanding What Our Commercial Techs Have To Offer

Most people don’t understand that wiring in commercial properties is entirely different from that of residential properties. Residential properties usually use what is known as single-phase wiring, whereas commercial properties use three-phase wiring. Needless to say, the complexities of three-phase wiring systems require specialized knowledge and training.

Our techs are highly experienced in commercial wiring installation and repair. Our techs have extensive knowledge and experience in commercial, as many of them have been working in the industry, servicing New York for years and years. This is just one of the reasons that we are one of the leading providers in the area. Combine this with our workmanship and dedication to our customers, and it should be easy to see why we have more repeat customers than other local electrical establishments.

Our licensed and certified commercial electricians are here to service your every need and desire!

Commonly Asked Electrical Commercial Questions:

What’s The Difference Between Commercial And Residential?

  • Business Implications – First of all, if you have a problem in your place of business, it is not only going to affect you, but it is going to affect your customers as well. This is especially true if you are holding meetings or selling products out of the building that is having issues. Needless to say, such problems stand to affect the livelihood of your business. It is paramount to keep operations running as smoothly as possible.
  • Wiring Network – In addition to this, commercial wiring is usually set up to meet the demand of a large workforce. You are likely not the only individual relying on power! Other employees and business associates will be relying on regular operations.
  • Lighting Updates – Outdated lighting could be costing you and your business a fortune. Retrofitting your business with new, updated, and energy-efficient lighting will go a long way to enhancing the overlook look and feel of your business, while also increasing the value and saving you some money in the long run.
  • Surge Protection– Not only is electricity pertinent to your business, but the devices in your building are pertinent as well. This is especially true for those businesses that are technology-based and rely heavily on electrical devices. Computers, printers, TVs, and cell phones will all be hooked into the grid. If the grid goes down, you will not only not be able to use these devices, but if there is a short, there is the potential to ruin such devices.
  • Backup Generators-This is something you can avoid entirely if you take advantage of backup generators. Backup generators can be installed to immediately kick on when the power goes out, allowing you to operate as normal. Not only this, but today’s modern devices are installed to run for much longer periods of time. Some generators can even be hooked to natural or propane gases so that you don’t even have to worry about filling them up with liquids.
  • Call For Service – When you need commercial electrical service, you need it right away. There is usually no tie to wait or waste, and this is why we are willing to jump right on the issue. All you have to do is give our local Brooklyn New York offices a ring and we’ll dispatch out a trained and qualified tech.

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