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Brooklyn New York Commercial And Residential Restoration Services: Learn What You Need To Know About Our Commercial And Residential Restoration Services

Commercial And Residential Restoration

Our company has been offering both commercial and residential renovation and restoration services for a number of years to the local residents of New York. We serve New York City and the local counties. Whether you are a long-term customer or interested in taking advantage of our services for the first time, we have something to offer everyone.

As realistic individuals, we know and understand that there are currently many facets involved in a restoration project. Whether it be a 100-year-old project or a 10-year-old home, there are a lot of things that can determine the success of the job. Professional with extensive knowledge in the electrical field is pertinent. Not only will techs need to be familiar with proper installation services and local code, but they’ll need to be familiar with troubleshooting. Problems could always rise during a routine restoration. This is especially true when dealing with much older homes.

Restoration work can either involve commercial or residential experience. In order to understand what you could potentially be dealing with, you’ll need to understand the potential risks that could be involved with a restoration job.

To Upgrade Or Not

During the restoration, you’ll have to decide whether or not you’ll want to upgrade your home or building’s electrical system. If you are going to upgrade, it only makes sense to do so during the restoration phase, as the walls and ceilings will likely be open. Regardless, you’ll be making major changes, and now is the time to make changes to the electrical system as well. This can consist of anything from power upgrades to new lighting, surge protectors, outlets, and/ or switches. We will be more than happy to coordinate everything with your other contractors to make the entire process as easy as possible for you and your family during this hectic time.

If you are planning on an entire restoration, now is the time to give us a call. We’ll be more than glad to assess the situation, see where upgrades are needed, make the upgrades, and repair anything up to code. We’ll help you devise a plan that fits into your schedule as well as your renovation schedule. We have been doing this for the locals of New York for years and hopefully will continue to be able to do so for the remainder of years.

Frequently Asked Questions With Commercial And Residential Jobs:

What If My Building Was Built Prior To 1950?

Does Aluminum Wiring Matter?

What About my Zinsco Panels?

What If My Electrical Demand Has Increased?

What If My Building Was Built Prior To 1950?

Unfortunately, older buildings have a lot of problems. Electrical problems that are substandard and outdated. Not only is wiring in older buildings outdated and out of code, but it poses potential hazards like fire and shock. This is because the insulation around the wiring will deteriorate, leaving hot wires exposed. Exposed wires that can arc in the inside of the panel or with other wires. Such wiring systems will need replacing and upgrading.

Does Aluminum Wiring Matter?

Aluminum wiring is something that is also extremely common in older homes. Unfortunately, this is something that will need to be upgraded. Aluminum wiring is not only out of code these days, but it poses potential risks. Risks that could also lead to shocks and fires. This is because aluminum wires shift over time. Wires will need to be upgraded to copper in order to meet code and provide safer more secure connections.

What About my Zinsco Panels?

Zinsco Panels were extremely common in the past. They were installed heavily from the ‘50s to 80s. Unfortunately, they are not only now out of date and code, but they are unreliable and unsafe. The best time to replace them is when you are in the guts of the home, doing a restoration.

What If My Electrical Demand Has Increased?

Many people’s demand does increase over the years. This is pretty much normal, as devices today usually have more electrical requirements than they did in the past. Even though most of today’s devices are more energy-efficient, homes demand more electricity these days. And, this is simply because homeowners utilize more devices. Computers, cell phone chargers, tablets, laptops, and more! These are the norm today and most homes will have several going at one time. Inadequately installed breakers and electrical systems could lead to frequently tripped breakers.

This is something we can help homeowners avoid during the restoration of a home. Our techs will not only upgrade the breakers and entire panel if necessary, but we’ll upgrade the wiring as well. Whatever is needed, we are here for the locals of Brooklyn New York.


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