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Cloth Insulated Wire Replacement

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Cloth Insulated Wiring Replacement In Brooklyn New York

Just like aluminum wiring, cloth insulated wiring poses a huge risk for homeowners. Unfortunately, this is a risk that most people aren’t even aware of and this is something that we vow to change. Homes that were installed and built before the ‘50s are likely to have utilized cloth insulated wiring. While this isn’t something that is obvious, our techs can help identify if you are dealing with such wiring. This type of wiring isn’t obvious because it is usually installed behind panels and sheet rock. One sure-fire way to tell, however, is by simply removing your breaker panel cover and looking at the wiring running to the breakers.

If you are dealing with cloth insulated wiring, you’ll likely see a thin cloth material wrapped around your wiring. This is the easiest way to determine whether or not you are dealing with cloth insulated wiring.

Questions About Cloth Insulated Wiring: What Is Cloth-Wrapped Wiring? Why Is Cloth Wiring Dangerous? Is My Home Safe?

Why Is Cloth Wiring Dangerous?

Cloth wiring is extremely outdated and is no longer used in modern wiring. This is because this specific type of wiring utilizes paper or rubber insulation. Unfortunately, this type of insulation becomes brittle over time, potentially leaving the wiring exposed. If the bare wires touch against the panel they could short out. If someone comes by and touches one of these exposed wires they could get shocked. If these bare wires come into contact with each other, they can short out at well and lead to even more problems.

Another common issue with these types of systems is that they are usually not grounded. Ungrounded systems are seriously dangerous because if there is an excess charge it is sent to the wiring in the home, rather than being sent to the ground. This could lead to the destruction of plugged-in appliances. A system that is properly grounded will not only prevent this, but it will also eliminate the risk for any potential shocks and fire hazards.

Your best bet is without a doubt to have the entire electrical system upgraded. This will protect your sensitive electronics while also making your family and home safer at the same time. If you are unsure about the type of wiring that your home currently has all you have to do is give our local offices a call. We’ll schedule a home inspection and have a qualified inspector come out and check.

If it does turn out that you are, in fact, dealing with cloth insulated wiring, we can also help with the replacement. If your home was built before the ‘50s, it is probably best to assume that you are dealing with cloth insulated wiring.

Is My Home Safe?

The insulation that covers your wiring and stops it from touching the panel or other metal components can grow brittle over time when dealing with cloth installations. When this happens, it poses several different risks,. First, it poses the risk of electrical shock. Secondly, it poses the risk of shorting out and sending excess voltage back through the circuits. Circuits where your appliances and sensitive electrical devices are installed. Simply put, it could ruin whatever is connected to the circuit, make the home unsafe, and a veritable fire hazard!


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