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Tips On How To Install An Electric Outlet Without Hiring An Electrician

Many homeowners decide that at some point an additional receptacle is a necessity. If you are installing a new TV, surround sound system or garbage disposable, you will probably need an additional receptacle. You will have two different options, when it comes to installing the electric outlet, one you can do it yourself or hire a Brooklyn electrician to do it for you. Below, you will discover several tips on how to install an electric outlet properly and without an electrician.

Time Requirement

 To run new electrical wiring, make the necessary connections and install the outlet, you are looking at a two-hour task. Running the wire from the precise location back to the electric box will be extremely difficult. Many people choose to approach this task by running the wire through the attic, crawlspace or basement. However, the attic will be your best option, because there will be less barriers to worry about, such as walls. If you do have to go through a wall, you will need to drill a hole for the wire to go through.


 Before you get started, you will need to collect your materials and tools. You will need the proper electrical wiring, 240vote or 120-vote, outlet, connectors, electric tape, power drill, long-nose pliers, breaker, jigsaw, tape measure, strippers, volt meter and hammer. You will need to start by deciding where you want to place the new outlet and then start running the electric wire from this point to the electrical box.

Skill Requirements

 You will need to possess the skills to strip and connect the electric wires, install the breaker, run electric wiring and install the electric outlet. While some of these tasks are extremely easy, they must still be completed accurately, in order to avoid an electric shock or fire. If you are unfamiliar with these tasks, you should consider hiring a licensed electrician, because this professional is skilled, trained and experienced with everything to do with electricity.

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