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Smoke Detector Installation

Electrician Smoke Detector Installation

Your home needs a handful of smoke detectors. If you don’t use smoke detectors, you’re going to put yourself and your loved ones at risk. This increases the risk that you’re not going to survive a house fire. Unfortunately, the majority of house fire fatalities happen due to a lack of smoke detectors in a dwelling. 3 of 5 deaths were linked to homes that had no smoke alarms or alarms that weren’t working as intended.

Some homes have smoke detectors that aren’t working. Or, the smoke detector may have dead batteries. Alternatively, there is a risk that you installed the devices in the wrong locations. This is very dangerous so you need to hire a professional to install smoke detectors in your home.

Installation Of Smoke Detectors

Brooklyn New York residents can install battery-powered smoke detectors without professional assistance. However, it is pertinent to make sure that they’re installed in acceptable locations. If you want to install wired smoke detectors, you’ll need to hire a professional. It is too risky to do it on your own. A certified electrician in Brooklyn New York will handle the problem quickly and conveniently.

FAQs – Smoke Detector Installation

How Can I Make Sure My Smoke Detectors Are Effective?

There are numerous things you can do to enhance the effectiveness of your smoke detectors. You should make sure that your batteries are replaced regularly. You’ll also want to install the smoke detectors in suitable places.

  • Be sure to replace the batteries every six months
  • Your smoke detectors need to be installed in the right locations
  • Install smoke detectors designed for those with hearing impairments if necessary
  • Smoke detectors need to be replaced every 8 to 10 years
  • Lithium battery-powered detectors should be replaced every 10 years at least
  • Hard-wired detectors should have batteries as a backup

How Much Will A Smoke Detector Cost?

The good news is that smoke detectors are not expensive. The average price ranges from a few dollars to $40. If you decide to install hard-wired detectors, you will need to pay more for an electrician to install them.

Where Do I Need To Place Smoke Detectors?

It is pertinent to make sure that you install your smoke detectors in the right places. Otherwise, they’re going to be ineffective. Be sure to follow the tips below so you can get the most from your money.

  • Each level of your home should have a smoke detector
  • Each bedroom in your home should have a smoke detector
  • Be sure to install smoke detectors high up on walls
  • Smoke detectors should not be installed near ceiling fans or windows
  • Never install a smoke detector close to your stove
  • Do not install hard-wired smoke detectors on circuits that can be turn off with a switch

If you’re having difficulty finding the right spot for your smoke detector, you should call us. We’re leading Brooklyn New York electricians and can help.

Can I Stop My Smoke Detector From Chirping?

If your smoke detector constantly chirps, there is a good chance that you need to replace the battery. In most cases, your smoke detector will use a 9 volt battery. There is a risk that the device will continue chirping once the battery has been replaced. If this happens, you may need to reset the alarm. You’ll need to replace the alarm if this doesn’t fix the problem. Remember that you can likely reset the alarm by holding down the test button.

Should I Use Hard Wired Smoke Alarms?

Hard-wired smoke alarms are great because they’re connected to the wiring in your home, business, or apartment. They’re often paired with carbon monoxide detectors making them very helpful. Just remember that they’ll need to be installed by a professional.


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