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About Our Electrical Estimates

If you are based in New York and in need of electrical services, you can give our offices a call! Whether you need a quote, basic information, or just have a common question, we have someone standing by, ready to assist. We might even be able to give you a free, accurate quote right over the phone.

Why Our Free Estimates?

You’ll find that there are a lot of New York electricians that simply won’t give quotes over the phone. They’ll say that they need to see the job in order to give you an accurate quote. And, this is because they want to get out to the home so they can charge you a trip charge. They’ll likely offer to deduct the charge from the total, but this sours the relationship right from the beginning.

This is not a business model that we operate on. We are completely open and honest with our customers, as we like to give you a ballpark estimate over the phone, just to give you some kind of idea of what you can expect to pay. Other companies that operate differently are just trying to goad you into hiring them. You’ll not only already be stuck with a bill you don’t want to pay, but you’ll feel pressured.

Our company offers a free quote right over the phone for most jobs! There are some jobs that we cannot, unfortunately, price over the phone, but we’ll be open and honest with you about it. Given the fact that we are a locally-based company, we not only rely heavily on word of mouth, but we rely on repeat business. And, that’s what we try to build with our customers. Long-lasting relationships!

Free FAQs

What Kind Of Work Can You Quote Over The Phone?

Luckily, we can quote a number of our services and charges right over the phone. These will include:

House rewires

Panel upgrades

Fixture changes

Switch, dimmer, and outlet changes

Electrical car charger installations

Air conditioner hook-ups

Any type of electrical installation

When it comes to electrical repairs, it’s hard for us to provide accurate quotes. And, this is because it’ll take troubleshooting to solve the problem. Troubleshooting that could be different for various projects. These jobs could take different times, tools, and skills, which will all vary in price.

How Can You Quote Panel Upgrade Over The Phone?

If we know the size of your home along with a few other basics, we can provide you with a free accurate quote for panel upgrades. If you decide that you want to proceed from there, we can go ahead and schedule to have the work done. If this is the case, we’ll them dispatch out a tech to the home. He will review everything, make a list of what is needed for the job, and get everything in order. We’ll them out the bid in writing to ensure you the utmost protection.

What About Car Charger Installations?

We can and will provide our customers will car charger installation quotes as well. These prices can range anywhere from $250 to $3,000, depending on the type of charger and installation. For a quote like this, our tech will need the distance from the garage or carport to your electrical panel. This is something that most customers can provide us with, making the quote as accurate as possible. If you decide that you like the price we quoted, we’ll then send out a tech. He’ll lay everything out and check to make sure the panel can handle the upgrade. The exact price of a job like this heavily depends on the distance from the panel to the charger. If upgrades are needed to deliver more power to the panel, you’ll be looking at a higher fee.

Regardless, this is something our tech can determine when he arrives at the home and assess the panel and property.

When Is A Free Estimate Not Possible?

Unfortunately, there are times when we can’t provide our customers with accurate or free quotes over the phone. And, most of the time, this involves repairs work. This is because each repair job is different. A tripping breaker on one job might be because of a short. It could be because of a bad breaker on another job. This is why we can’t quote these jobs over the phone. When on-site troubleshooting is required, we cannot give accurate quotes. Our tech will need to pull out his tools, and we’ll have to charge for this time.

Usually, within half an hour or so after arriving on-site, our tech will know the extent of the problem. This is when we can give our customers a clear and concise quote.

Are Estimates And Bids Different?

While there are instances when we can give free estimates over the phone, our customers need to understand that estimates are different than bids. An estimate is a basic estimation of what it will cost for us to perform a job. This price may include additional charges if we get to the home and discover that additional work is needed. For instance, we may quote changing out a breaker, get out to the home, and discover that the problem is something else entirely. Or, we may discover that more work needs to be done. An estimate is subject to change. A bid a final quote. This is what you will pay when the job is over. This is what we put in writing and cannot legally be changed.

How To Get Started

If you are interested in taking advantage of our Brooklyn New York electrical services, just give our local offices a call. Whether it be after hours, a weekend, or a holiday, you can give us a call and we’ll have someone return that call as soon as possible. Most of the time, this is within half an hour after receiving the call.

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