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Understanding Ceiling Fan Installations

In the grand scheme of things, ceilings fans provide great air circulation and air movement, but they by no means cool like an air conditioner. Instead, they simply just move air, helping people feel cooler in the summer and during hotter months. Most people don’t know that ceiling fans can also be used to heat. That’s right, they can be used to help you feel warmer during those cooler months. Simply put, ceiling fans are great tools that can save you money year-round. You can give our local New York offices a call to speak with our locally-based electrician for more information about ceiling fan installation or repair.

Questions About Ceiling Fans

How Can I Add Breeze To My Home? Do Ceiling Fans Use Less Energy? Can A Ceiling Fan Add Value To My Home?

How Can I Add A Breeze To My Home?

During those hotter summer months, ceiling fans can be utilized as unique tools to help create what feels like a breeze. It does this by helping evaporate perspiration on the skin while also providing a couple of degrees of cooling. The cooling effect comes from the blades blowing down air. Blades create blown air by spinning in a counter-clockwise motion. The blades of the fan are designed with upturned edges to help better catch air and project it.

That being said, most of today’s modern ceiling fans have a directional button. This allows one to change the direction that the fan rotates. It can either rotate in a clockwise motion or a counter-clockwise motion. Warm air rises, so positioning the fan that it blows air upwards will help with cooling. Pushing air down will obviously have the opposite effect.

Do Ceiling Fans Use Less Energy?

Ceiling fans are much more energy-efficient than air conditioners, furnaces, or space heaters. This is because they have smaller motors that utilize less energy when running. Utilizing a ceiling fan is an excellent way to provide more comfort in the home while also helping save on the electrical costs every month. However, this won’t be the case if the fan runs constantly when no one is around. Make sure you always turn your ceiling fan off when no one is in the vicinity. There is simply no benefit.

Can A Ceiling Fan Add Value To My Home?

If you’ve been in the market for a ceiling fan in the last couple of months you’ve likely noticed that they come available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some have wooden blades while some come with faux wooden blades. Our company will be more than glad to install any style or design you choose, but choosing the right model and design that compliments the home or room will only increase the value.

Some ceiling fans even come with lights, so you can eliminate two birds with one stone. Install a dimmer switch and you’ll have the potential to help save yourself even more on electrical costs. The lower you operate the lights, the lower the electrical consumption. Choose your own ceiling fan style and design from any box store or ceiling fan store and our electrical professional will be more than glad to install it for you.

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