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Brooklyn Botanic Garden  

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) is a botanical garden in Brooklyn, New York City. It was founded in 1910 using land from Mount Prospect Park in central Brooklyn, adjacent to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum. The 52-acre (21 ha) garden holds over 14,000 taxa of plants and has nearly a million visitors each year. It includes a number of specialties “gardens within the Garden,” plant collections, the Steinhardt Conservatory that houses the C. V. Starr Bonsai Museum, three climate-themed plant pavilions, a white cast-iron-and-glass aquatic plant house, and an art gallery.

Gardens and Collections

Cherry Trees

Brooklyn Botanic Garden has more than 200 cherry trees of forty-two Asian species and cultivated varieties, making it one of the foremost cherry-blossom-viewing sites outside Japan. The first cherry trees, a gift from the Japanese government, were planted in the garden after World War I. Each spring, a month-long cherry blossom viewing festival called Hanami is held at the Cherry Esplanade, culminating in a weekend celebration called Sakura Matsuri. The esplanade features two rows of cherry trees with trails and seating areas on the side. Visitors may also sit on the grass between the rows of trees. BBG also has the Cherry Walk in the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, and there are also cherry trees in many other locations in the Garden. The Asian flowering cherries bloom from late March or early April to mid-May depending on weather conditions. Depending on weather conditions, the Asian flowering cherries bloom from late March or early April to mid-May. The many species of flowers at a slightly different is tracked on Cherry Watch on the BBG website.

Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden

The garden is a blend of the ancient hill-and-pond style and the more modern stroll-guard techniques in which landscape features are gradually revealed along winding paths. Its 3 acres (1.2 ha) contain three hills signifying earth, heaven, and humanity; a waterfall; a pond resembling the Japanese character for “heart”; and an island, all of which were artificially constructed. There are also carefully placed rocks. Top Brooklyn Electrician

Cranford Rose Garden

In 1927, Walter V. Cranford, a construction engineer whose firm built many of Brooklyn’s subway tunnels, donated $15,000 to BBG for a rose garden. Excavation revealed a cobblestone road two ft (0.61 m) below the surface and tons of glacial rock, which had to be carted away on horse-drawn barges. The Cranford Rose Garden was designed by landscape architect Harold Caparn and Montague Free, the BBG’s horticulturist. Many of the original plants were still in the garden in 2019. The rose garden has over 5,000 bushes of nearly 1,400 roses, including wild species, old garden roses, hybrid tea roses, grandifloras, and polyanthas. The garden park also includes a stone statue.

Address: 990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY


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